More questions?

Please contact a VIP Concierge with any further questions.


How is this different than other services that offer movies for downloading and streaming?

Red Carpet Home Cinema is a luxury service that provides access to new movies as they are released.


Is Red Carpet Home Cinema available to everybody?

Our service launched in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and is now available in all major U.S. cities.


I don’t have a sophisticated home theater setup. Will Red Carpet Home Cinema work in my home?

While premium A/V equipment will enhance the overall experience, our in-home unit is compatible with most HD televisions purchased within the last three years. High-speed internet connectivity is necessary as well as a static IP address.


Is this piracy?

Absolutely not. Our licensing agreements with all participating studios are contractually aligned with Red Carpet Home Cinema. Piracy is against the law and all anti piracy laws will be strictly enforced.


How much does it cost?

Movies will be variably priced with the most current films in the low thousands - no movie will be priced below $500. This will permit two viewings within a 36 hour period.


How do I join?

Please see the How it Works page or click HERE to check availability in your area and submit an inquiry. Once you have submitted your inquiry, our VIP Concierge will follow-up with additional pricing details for movies and our proprietary in-home media server. Alternatively, you may contact us at (833)-222-RCHC (7242).